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Upcoming Events

Argus Museum Presents: "Tales told in Brick and Stone”

Join us Thursday, February 22, 6-8:30pm at the Argus Museum for the opening of the photography exhibition, “Tales told in Brick and Stone” showcasing work by Susan Lawless, Sasha Mykhailova and Sophie Grillet.

Three photographers, one American, one English and one Ukrainian explore the emotional meaning of buildings. Empty or broken buildings, in particular, hold a powerful resonance with loss and memory.

“Not all tales can be told as plain text. There is always so much more to add to the story: what was the smell, how did walls feel to touch, where did they laugh? Or cry? What was it like when they came there for the first time? What happened when they left?

Not all stories can be told in a mild and low voice in the coziness of the evening: some are too intimate and complex and some are too full of emotions that we don’t have words for. 

Not all tales are loud and bright. In fact, the most subtle and even silent ones can be the most powerful. Have you ever imagined a story that can combine the spark of sincere joy and the darkest hour of grief, that you can perceive just in one glimpse? A story about love and closeness and time that never spares? About the comfort of your own home, and hostilities others may have to live through. 

 Tales Told in Brick & Stone are profound and unhurried, at times seemingly nonexistent. Yet, if you pause, hold your breath, and attune your senses, they unfold with their concealed secrets, poignant tragedies, and a stoic, monolithic indifference. 

 Once upon a time, at this very place, history made its turn that would shape the course of the narrative…”

 All are invited to attend, so stop by, meet the artists. and enjoy the complimentary food and beverages!

The exhibition begins February 13 and runs through April 5, 2024. The Argus Museum is open M-F, 8-5 or by appointment.

Poletown in Photographs

Presented by Local Photographer Bruce Harkness

Thursday, March 28 at 7 pm at Oakland Community College, Orchard Ridge Campus, Room J-191.

Everyone is invited to hear Bruce Harkness, local photographer, discuss his photographs from two Detroit
projects: selected photographs from the 1981 demolition of the Poletown community to make room for a new
General Motors assembly plant, and the story of Edmund Thiede, a subject of the 1987-1990 photography and
oral-history project, Urban Interiors, photographs and interviews from Detroit’s east side, 1987-1990.
“Unsentimental but deeply human, Bruce Harkness’s photographs draw you in to every detail—into the tales
told by every crack in the plaster, every poster on the wall, every storefront and front stoop. They compel you to
look in every eye and, in these moving images of brick and mortar and flesh and blood, to read the stories of the
communities we create and those we leave behind.” (Karen Majewski, author of Traitors and True Poles: Narrating a
Polish-American Identity, 1880–1939 and former mayor of Hamtramck, Michigan)
Bruce Harkness grew up in Brighton, Michigan. He earned a BFA in photography from the Center for Creative
Studies in 1979 and an MFA in photography from Wayne State University in 1982. Now retired, Harkness was the
photographer for the City of Dearborn from 1990 to 2010. He currently resides in Dearborn with his wife, Barbara.


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