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Early Regional Photographic Historical Societies in North America

This list attempts to identify the regionally-defined photographic societies that began to emerge in the late 1960s; societies whose broad collecting and photo-history interests differed from groups with a specific focus or camera clubs geared to active photographers. Unfortunately, much of the documentation regarding these regional societies has slipped from sight. The listing  below would not have been possible without contributions from many individuals, much based on their first-hand experiences. Their names will be found below. Given the circumstances, this list should be considered a work-in-progress; additional information, details, and corrections are most welcome. Contact:

Early Regional Societies & First Known Postal Locations and Date Founded   *bold = 9 still active

*Photographic History Society, Rochester (The), New York January 1966
*Ohio Camera Collectors Society, Columbus, Ohio 1968
Photographic Historical Society of New York (The), New York, New York; later
renamed the American Photographic Historical Society January 1969
Chesapeake Antiquarian Photographic Society, Severna Park, Maryland; renamed
2007, the Maryland Photographic Society 1971
Chicago Photographic Collectors Society, Winnetka, Illinois 1971
Midwest Photographic Historical Society, Florissant, Missouri 1971
Photographic Collectors of Houston, Houston, Texas 1971
*Photographic Historical Society of the Western Reserve, South Euclid, Ohio, later
renamed the Cleveland Camera Collectors 1971

Western Camera Collectors Association, Riverside, California; emerged from the
Camera Collectors' Club, 1969 by 1972
*Michigan Photographic Historical Society, Wayne, Michigan June 24, 1972
Bay Area Photographica Association (BAPA), Sunnyside, California before 1973
San Francisco Collectors [San Francisco, California?] before April 1973
Tri-State Photographic Collectors Society, Blue Ash, Ohio before April 1973
*Photographic Historical Society of New England, Buzzard's Bay, Massachusetts April 8, 1973
Cascade Photographic Historical Society, Portland, Oregon 1974
*Photographic Historical Society of Canada, Toronto, Ontario October 23, 1974
*Photographic Historical Association of Western Canada, Vancouver, British

Columbia; later renamed Western Canada Photographic Historical Association 1975
*Puget Sound Photographic Collectors Society, Tacoma, Washington 1979
*Western Photographic Historical Society, Tucson, Arizona 1980s
Delaware Valley Photographic Collectors Association, Delanco, New Jersey by September 1980
Florida Photo Collectors Club, Plantation, Florida by September 1980
Great Plains Photographic Historical Society, Lincoln, Nebraska by September 1980
Pennsylvania Photographic Historical Society, Beaver Falls, Pennsylvania by September 1980
Vintage Camera Club of Wichita, Wichita, Kansas by September 1980

My sincere thanks to the many keepers of disappearing history who responded to my request for information. Their input
allowed this list to expand in very significate ways: Doug Aikenhead, William Allen, Bill Christen, Nick Graver, Dan
Hausman, David Haynes, Mike Immel, Yuki Kawai, Ralph London, Cindy Motzenbecker, Richard Palmer, Bill
Rosenthal, Jeremy Rowe, Gary Saretzky, Peter Schultz, Gary Sivertson, Miles Steininger, Len Walle, and Richard Wood.

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